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Our Gobbler Sandwich


The sites and smells of fall are all around us. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. But if you think about it, don't we have something to be grateful for all year long? Here at MELTZ, the … [Read More...]

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Beyond the Menu



The MUFFULETTA is a beloved New Orleans-born creation. It originated in 1906 when local Sicilian farmers would visit Salvatore Lupo's grocery store for their lunch. They would purchase sliced meats, … [Read More...]

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Lou’s Newz

Ceasar Salad | MELTZ Extreme

Caesar Salad

Here at MELTZ Extreme Grilled Cheese, we do more than kick up your comfort with our twists on familiar favorites. Starting the summer of 2014, we're now adding a Caesar Salad to our menu. Pairing a … [Read More...]

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