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Korean Krazy #MeltzExtreme

Korean Krazy

With comments starting out like this: "That's crazy!! How funny! I honestly wouldn't have thought to put it on grilled cheese!!" and this: "Has anyone tried it yet?" You just have to … [Read More...]

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Beyond the Menu

Our Extreme Version of the Reuben Sandwich

Rooben Evolooshun

With comments ranging from, "not fair," to "gotta try it soon," and "OMG you are killing me;" it looks like we have another sensational sandwich on our hands. Introducing the Rooben Evolooshun! … [Read More...]

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Lou’s Newz

Seeing Eye To Eye

Seeing Things Eye To Eye

My Kitchen Escapades With The Culinary Mad Scientist This may hit a note for some of you food enthusiasts out there. For anyone who doesn't possess a passion for creating food, here is an FYI. When … [Read More...]

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